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Yield Cover Recorded at : Studio Litho and Studio X (Seattle)
and Southern Tracks and Doppler (Atlanta)
Released : February 03, 1998
Producers : Brendan O'Brien and Pearl Jam
Lyrics can be found here
Sony Music Epic Records

Mike McCready - Guitar
Stone Gossard - Guitar
Ed Vedder - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Ament - Bass
Jack Irons - Drums

Each picture in the booklet has a Yield sign hidden within it.
Here is where they are...

Front Cover - none (but it has the word "Yield" on it)
Page 1 (credits) - none
Page 2 - First pillar from the right, half way up.
Page 3 (MFC) - Half an inch down the street light, on the right side on the wall of the building.
Page 4 (Push Me Pull Me) - Left of the "Welcome to..." sign on the right side of the picture.
Page 5 (Do The Evolution) - In the grass, below the middle of the picture. Looks like a flower.
Page 6 (Faithfull) - Triangular shaped window near the middle of the picture.
Page 7 - Upside down on top of the alter in the middle of the picture.
Page 8 (Brain Of J) - On Jack's jacket about an inch under his nose.
Page 9 (Low Light) - Bottom left corner of the picture on the bird's tail. Sideways.
Page 10 (Wishlist) - Upside down on the open mail box below the "A" in "Mail."
Page 11/12 - Reflection in the water at the bottom-center of the left page.
Page 13 (Given To Fly) - In the statue's chest (very hard to see).
Page 14 - Three-quarters of an inch from the bottom, one-quarter of an inch from the left.
Page 15 (In Hiding) - Three triangular stones at the bottom right of the picture.
Page 16 (Pilate) - One and a half inches from the right and three-quarters of an inch from the top.
Page 17 (No Way) - One and a half inches from the left near the bottom.
Page 18 - Eighth twist from the left atop the fence (below the barbed wire).
Page 19 (The Color Red) - One above and another below the second window from the left.
Page 20 (All Those Yesterdays) - One and a half inches from the bottom right on a gravestone.
Page 21 - On a fence post one and a half inches from the left near the road.
Page 22 (credits) - none
Back Cover - none

Album Singles
| Given To Fly | Wishlist |


Compact Disc - EK 68164 - February, 1998 - USA
Compact Disc - 489365-2 - February, 1998 - Europe
12" Vinyl - E 68164 - February, 1998 - USA
12" Vinyl - 489365-1 - February, 1998 - Europe
Cassette - ET 68164 - February, 1998 - USA
Cassette - 489365-4 - February, 1998 - Europe
Mini Disc - 489365-8 - February, 1998 - United Kingdom

Track Listing

1) Brain of J
Time: 2:59
Vedder, McCready

2) Faithfull
Time: 4:18
Vedder, McCready

3) No Way
Time: 4:19

4) Given To Fly
Time: 4:01
Vedder, McCready

5) Wish List
Time: 3:26

6) Pilate
Time: 3:00

7) Do The Evolution
Time: 3:54
Vedder, Gossard

8) The Color Red
Time: 1:06

9) MFC
Time: 2:27

10) Low Light
Time: 3:46

11) In Hiding
Time: 5:00
Vedder, Gossard

12) Push Me Pull Me
Time: 2:27
Vedder, Ament

13) All Those Yesterdays
Time: 7:47

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