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Place/Date Cover With pictures of...
        Dave Abbruzzese
        Jeff Ament
        Stone Gossard
        Jack Irons
        Dave Krusen
        Mike McCready
        Eddie Vedder

Released : December, 1998 (hardback) May, 1999 (paperback)
Photography by : Charles Peterson and Lance Mercer
Published by : Pearl Jam, Inc.
Design by : Hank Trotter
Copyright © 1998 by Pearl Jam, Inc.
Photographs copyright © Charles Peterson and Lance Mercer


Picture Book - 0-9668596-0-X - December, 1998 - Everywhere - Cloth-covered with Jacket.
- Special hard-bound edition for fan club members.
Picture Book - ?-???????-?-? - May, 1999 - USA - Paperback


Place/Date is a 140 page picture book of the band from their days through the album Ten to their performance on Monkeywrench Radio in 1998. Photographs were taken by Pearl Jam photo journalists, Lance Mercer and Charles Peterson.
  All material copyrighted to Pearl Jam belongs to Pearl Jam.