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Live At The Showbox Cover Recorded live on December 06, 2002
Released : April, 2003
Filmed by: Liz Burns, Steve Gordon, Kevin Shuss
Edited by: Steve Gordon
Mixed by: Brett Eliason
Recorded by: John Burton
Mastered by: Ed Brooks at RFI CD Mastering
Design and Layout by: Brad Klausen

Mike McCready - guitar
Matt Cameron - drums
Ed Vedder - vocals, guitar
Stone Gossard - guitar
Jeff Ament - bass


DVD Video - (no catalog number) - April 2003 - Everywhere

Track Listing

1) Elderly Woman

2) Off He Goes

3) Thumbing My Way

4) Thin Air

5) Breakerfall

6) Green Disease

7) Corduroy

8) Save You

9) Ghost

10) Cropduster

11) I Am Mine

12) Love Boat Captain

13) Gods Dice

14) Half Full

15) Daughter

16) You Are

17) Rearviewmirror

18) Bushleaguer

19) Insignificance

20) Better Man

21) Do The Evolution

22) Yellow Ledbetter

23) Soon Forget

24) Don't Believe In Christmas

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