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Here is just a little information about the band.
This and the music should be enough.

Also, Synergy (the official site) has a great Gear Section including
Stage Equipment and Signal Flow. It is very cool so check it out!

Jeff Ament
Jeff Ament Main Instrument - Bass guitar
Other Instruments - Standup bass, backing vocals, guitar
Publishing name - Scribing C-Ment
Birthday - March 10, 1963

Matt Cameron
Matt Cameron Main Instrument - Drum set
Other Instruments - Percussion, backing vocals
Publishing name - Walpurgis Night Music (or) Theory Of Colour
Birthday - November 28, 1962

Stone Gossard
Stone Gossard Main Instrument - Rhythm guitar
Other Instruments - Mellotron, backing/lead vocals, tambourine,
bass, lead guitar
Publishing name - Write Treatage Music
Birthday - July 20, 1966

Mike McCready
Mike McCready Main Instrument - Lead guitar
Other Instruments - Slide, backing vocals, piano, bass, rhythm guitar
Publishing name - Jumpin' Cat Music
Birthday - April 05, 1966

Ed Vedder
Eddie Vedder Main Instrument - Lead vocals
Other Instruments - Guitar, accordian, harmonica, tambourine,
backing vocals
Publishing name - Innocent Bystander
Birthday - December 23, 1964

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