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Matt is the well know drummer for "Soundgarden" who drummed for the band at the beginning so they could make a demo tape. You can hear Matt on the "Stone Gossard Demos". Then, eight years later, Matt filled in for the ill Jack Irons. After months of debate and wondering, Matt became the unofficial, official drummer. He can be heard on the live album Live on Two Legs and on the albums Binaural and Riot Act. Matt's first show was on May 01, 1998 and he is still going. For a great site about Matt, go here.
Recorded Songs:
Alive (demo), Alone (demo), Animal (demo), Black (demo), Even Flow (demo), Footsteps (demo), Once (demo), Pushing Forward Back (demo), Untitled (demo), Corduroy (live), Given To Fly (live), Hail Hail (live), Daughter (live), Elderly Woman... (live), Untitled (live), MFC (live), Go (live), Red Mosquito (live), Even Flow (live), Off He Goes (live), Nothingman (live), Do The Evolution (live), Better Man (live), Black (live), Fucking Up (live), Soldier Of Love (live), Last Kiss (live), Breakerfall, Gods' Dice, Evacuation, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, Thin Air, Insignificance, Of The Girl, Grievance, Rival, Sleight Of Hand, Soon Forget, Parting Ways, Footsteps (live), Grievance (live), Soon Forget (live), RIOT ACT ALBUM RIOT ACT SINGELS
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