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Jack (Mr. Brootz Music) is a long time friend of Pearl Jam. In the beginning of Pearl Jam, Jeff, Stone, and Mike wanted Jack to be the ORIGINAL drummer (they asked him when they were looking for a singer). It just so happened that he knew of a singer though. He was a friend of Eddie's in San Diego, CA. Jack gave the demo tape of Stone's songs to Ed and the rest, as they say, is well documented history. Irons brings a very different style to Pearl Jam which can be heard on the No Code and Yield albums. His new style (in my opinion) separated the fans from the "popularity hounds". Jack's first real show was on January 8, 1995 (he actually played at the two 1994 Bridge School shows but with percussion instruments and not a drum set). According to the band, Jack brought a "harmony" to everyone which actually made them like being a band again. Jack skipped touring in the second half of 1998 due to "health problems" and was replaced by Matt Cameron. Jack's last show was on March 20, 1998.
Recorded Songs:
Stupid Mop, History Never Repeats (live), Sonic Reducer (live), Swallow My Pride (live), My Way (live), Olympic Platinum, Black Red And Yellow, Dead Man, Leaving Here, Gremmie Out Of Control, Not For You (live), I Got Id, Long Road, Sometimes, Hail Hail, Who You Are, In My Tree, Smile, Off He Goes, Habit, Red Mosquito, Lukin, Present Tense, Mankind, I'm Open, Around The Bend, Happy When I'm Crying, Leatherman, Brain Of J, Faithfull, No Way, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Pilate, Do The Evolution, The Color Red, MFC, Low Light, In Hiding, Push Me Pull Me, All Those Yesterdays, Hummus, U, Brain Of J (live)
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