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Addresses for the Vitalogy Health Club:
To join the fan club, send $15 ($20 if outside of the United States) to the...

Ten / Vitalogy Health Club
P.O. Box 4570 - For Fan Mail
P.O. Box 4590 - For New Memberships, Renewals, and Address Changes
P.O. Box 4841 - For Merchandise Orders
Seattle, WA. 98104

For the most current show, member, and merchandise information
call the Info Line at, (206) 728-7078 (Seattle WA. number)

When it's time to renew your membership, (yes, you must renew it every year)
the expiration date is printed on the right side of the mailing label. Just send
in another $15 ($20 if outside the U.S.) and you will still get all the cool stuff.

Things not available through the fan club are:
Lyrics, Autographs from the band, and Personal Info about the band.

Send all questions, unless it is related to your membership, to
DigitalKat@aol.com OR OfTheSea@aol.com.

Send all membership questions to info@tenclub.net

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