Tour History

The purpose of the Tour History page is to see what Morphine has done live in the past. Hopefully, with your help, this section will be an archive for present and future Morphine fans.

The following appearances are organized as follows:

Date of show
Location of Show
(Venue, City, State, County)
Length of show
(in minutes)
Show Set
(in order played [sound check then show])

Also, if the set list looks like...
...Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4...
The three dots at the begining and end mean that the set list is incomplete and/or in the wrong order played.

I am lacking almost all of the information for 1997 and I am definitely missing all the information for the years of 1996 and before. If you know any information on what the correct set lists are for the various years, I will be grateful for all (and any) information and will be happy to correct, or add, your information. This section is far from complete! If you have a correction or addition, PLEASE email me with your show information. There is no way I can do this without your help.
Thank You!

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